Development of Srednetyungskoe gas condensate field

  • Vilyuisky region, Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
  • Srednetyungskoe gas condensate field is situated within Vilyui depression in the middle course of the Tyung River, the left tributary of the Vilyui River.
Project initiator
Project characteristics
  • Aim:
    • creation of transport and electric power infrastructure.
  • Construction:
    • construction of gas production facilties at Srednetyungskoe gas condensate field (STGCF) with capacity of 403 m cub.m a year;
    • construction of a trunk pipeline STGCF – Tamalakan, 135.2 km long.
Volume of investment
  • RUR 5,106.70 m in 2011 prices
Infrastructure available
  • Cargoes are brought by the river transport along the Lena and Vilyui Rivers via the settlement of Kysyl-Syr. Technical cargoes are carried by small river fleet along the Tyung River. The navigation period on the Vilyui River is usually short – June – early July, seldom throughout August.
  • VILYUI federal motorway and Vilyuisk – Tyung temporary winter road to the field site. Nearest airports – Yakutsk, Vilyuisk, Kysyl-Syr. In summer, most cargoes and people are carried by helicopters.
  • Teher is a gas production facility near the settlement of Kysyl-Syr.
  • The nearest operating trunk pipeline Kysyl Syr – Tamalakan (Du 300) is situated 135 km from Srednetyungskoe filed. The pipeline transports gas from Srednevilyuiskoe gas condensate field (settlement of Kysyl Syr).
  • Electric power to Vilyuisky and Verkhne-Vilyuisky regions is supplied via HVL 110 kV Mirny – Suntar – Vilyuisk – Verkhnevilyuisk. To enhance electric power infrastructure and increase power volume delivered in this direction, there is being constructed HVL 220 kV Mirny – Suntar – Nyurba. Mirny – Suntar leg has been complete and operates with 220 kV substation in the settlement of Suntar.
Infrastructure required
Cost of project
  • RUR 5056,7 m
Implementation period
  • 2012-2015
Payback period
  • Central region of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Investor's involvement
  • 100% investor
Project detailedness
Design estimates
  • available
Business plan
  • available
CEO of an organization implementing the project


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