Construction of Kankunskaya hydropower station

  • Aldansky region, Sakha Republic (Yakutia).
  • Kankunskaya HPS is designed to be built on the Timpton River 200 km of the mouth.
Project initiator
Project characteristics
  • Under the plan to increase electric power generation in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in order to ensure intensive development of productive forces in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia).
  • Installed capacity - 1,200 MW;
  • Average annual electric power generation – 4.9 bn kW/h;
  • Water storage normal maximum operating level – 608.0 m;
  • Top of dead water storage – 587.0 m;
  • Water-surface area under NMOL – 258.8;
  • Total water storage capacity – 18.0;
  • Useful capacity – 5.0 cub.m.
Volume of investment
  • RUR 238,563m ($8,226m), VAT included (in 2008 prices).
Infrastructure available
  • Kankunskya HPS is located 110 km from the existing LENA federal motorway and Amur-Yakutsk railroad.
  • There is a winter motorway connecting the power site with the LENA federal motorway and railroad near the settlement of Maly Namnyr.
  • There are two 220-kV power transmission lines Neryungri HPS – Nizhny Kuranakh; and Kankunskaya HPS construction site will get power from there via 95-km long 220-kV transmission line.
Infrastructure required
  • Designing and construction of transport and electric grid infrastructure is to be financed from the Investment Fund of the Russian Federation.
Cost of project
  • RUR 238,563m
Implementation period
  • 2012-2022, life cycle over 50 years
  • 8.3%
  • RUR 3,174 m
Availability of design estimates
  • In accordance with the RF Government resolution of 10 March 2009 No. 302-p, designing of the Kankunskaya HPS project documentation will be financed from the Investment Fund of the RF: 2009 – RUR 2,166.6 m, 2010 – RUR 842.6 m.
Payback period
  • 12 years (simple payback period)
  • Potential power consumers:
    • Seligdar mining and chemical plant – 465 mW,
    • Yakutsk gas processing and chemical center – 196 mW,
    • Elkonsky mining and smelting plant – 300 mW,
    • Tarynakh MPP – 236 mW,
    • Tayozhny MPP – 58 mW.
Investor's involvement
  • The project is being implemented under the Public-Private Partnership program, with private capital investments estimated at least 60%.
Project detailedness
  • A part of Integrated Development of Southern Yakutia investment project. Designing of the project estimates is financed from the Investment Fund of the RF. In 2008 there were complete documents on “Investment feasibility study for construction of the HPS cascade on the Timpton River”.
  • B.E. Vedeneev Research Institute has developed pre-project statement “Investment feasibility study for construction of the HPS cascade on the Timpton: Nizhne-Timptonskaya HPS, Idzhekskaya HPS or Kankunskaya HPS” No. 1008.104-1700.03 OI. There is the State Expertise positive conclusion. In 2010 OAO Lengidroproject started development of design estimates for construction of Kankunskaya HPS.
CEO of an organization implementing the project


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