Development of iron-ore deposits in Southern Yakutia (Tayozhnoe, Desovskoe, Tarynakhskoe and Gorkitskoe deposits)

  • Neryungrinsky region of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) (Tayozhnoe and Desovskoe deposits),
  • Olyokminsky region of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) (Tarynakhskoe and Gorkitskoe deposits)
Project initiator
Project characteristics
  • Tayozhny plant project capacity makes 4.1 m t of concentrate a year with iron concentration at 67.7% basing on Tayozhnoe and Desovskoe deposits with mining capacity of 20.1 m tons of ore a year.
  • Tayozhnoe deposit of iron ores is the most prepared for industrial development. It is characterized by optimum technical and economic parameters. Upper reserves of Tayozhnoe deposit down to 600 m can be extracted in one open cast mine. Open pit reserves are estimated at 320 m t with iron concentration at 39.4. Total capacity – 9 m t of raw ore a year.
  • Ore will be enriched through two-stage magnet separation with subsequent flotation, which ensures production of iron-ore concentrate with fixed sulphur concentration.
  • Tarynakhsky mining and processing plant has capacity of 46 m t of ore and 14.6 m t of iron ore concentrate a year. The concentrate will be processing into pellets (13.5 m t a year) basing on Tarynakhskoe and Gorkitskoe deposits with capacity of 27.6 m t of ore a year. Tarynakh deposit of iron ores is considered the largest of prospected deposits in the east of Russia. The deposit will be developed by open cast mining. Simultaneously, the deposit can provide crushed stone for construction, up to 2 m cub.m. a year. The deposit ores are easily convertible; one dry and three stages of wet separation result in concentration of iron at 68.5%.
  • The processing section of the plant, scheduled for construction in 2010-2013, will be located at the south-east end of the deposit, considering involvement of Gorkitskoe and, in perspective, Imalykskoe deposits.
Volume of investment
  • 70% of the project cost
Infrastructure available
  • Tayozhnoe deposit is located in the immediate vicinity (3-5 km) from Berkakit-Tommot-Yakutsk railway crossing the coal area from south to north, 80-160 km north of Berkakit railway station and Southern-Yakutian coking coal field. The deposit is located 4 km from the LENA federal motorway.
  • Desovskoe deposit is situated 120 km north of the town of Neryungri and 45 km south-west of Tayozhnoe deposit.
  • Tayozhnoe and Desovskoe deposits are situated near two HVL 220 kV Neryungri GRES – Nizhny Kuranakh (6.6 km and 50 km, respectively). Tarynakhskoe deposit lies 203 km from 220 kV substation in the settlement of Khani.
  • Gorkitskoe deposit is situated 250 km south of the town of Olyokminsk. Tarynakh deposit is located in the south of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) in Olyokminsky region 250 km south of Olyokminsk and 190 km north of Khani railway station.
Infrastructure required
  • Transport and power grid infrastructure of the plant will be constructed as part of Integrated Development of Sothern Yakutia project:
  • Railway Tayozhnaya station – Tayozhny MPP.
  • Railway Ikabiekan station – Tarynakhsky MMP.
  • Electric power supply of Tayozhny MMP with 220 kV substation and HVL 220 kV.
  • Electric power supply of Tarynakhsky MMP with 220 kV substation and HVL 220 kV.
Cost of project
  • Tayozhny MMP – RUR 96,600 m in 2010 prices ($3,220 m);
  • Tarynakhsky MMP – RUR 96,200 m in 2010 prices ($3,206.66 m).
Implementation period
  • Estimated period of construction and operation of the MMPs – 38 years from the construction beginning or 30 years from the beginning of mining.
  • Tayozhny MMP – 14.32%; Tarynakhsky MMP – 6.5%
  • Tayozhny MMP – RUR 81,400 m; Tarynakhasky MMP – RUR 10,300 m; total RUR 91,700 m.
Payback period
  • Payback of investments 17.8 years from beginning of investing or 11 years form launching.
  • The RF,
  • Asian Pacific countries.
Investor's involvement
  • Is being determined
Project detailedness
Justification of investment
  • done.
Exploration work have began
  • the project stage.
CEO of an organization implementing the project


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