Construction of Denisovskaya mines (№1, №2) and a coal benefication plant

  • Neryunrginsky region, Sakha Republic (Yakutia)
Project initiator
Project characteristics
  • Coal production and selling.
  • Construction of Denisovskaya and Denisovskaya-2 mines;
  • Denisovskaya benefication plant.
  • Denisovskaya mine with capacity up to 2.5 m tons.
Volume of investment
  • RUR 6500 m (in 2010 prices) ($229 m).
Infrastructure available
  • Railway and motorway,
  • airport in the town of Neryungri.
  • The deposit is located 20 km north-east of the town of Neryungri.
  • Electric power is supplied by Neryungri hydropower station;
  • 110 kV high-voltage transmission line runs through the eastern part of the site.
Infrastructure required
  • Not required
Cost of project
  • Current investments into construction – RUR 4500 m.
Implementation period
  • No information
  • No information
  • No information
Payback period
  • About 20 years, with the project to be complete in 2031.
  • Selling beyond the republic (Russian regions, Asian Pacific countries)
Investor’s involvement
  • In the form of bank crediting or participation in shareholder capital (USD 216,67 m)
Project detailedness
  • Denisovskaya-1 mine has been put into commercial operation with annual production volume at 0.5 m t, the second stage’s design is completing.
  • The construction site for the benefication plant is ready.
CEO of an organization implementing the project
  • Igor Ivanovich LUTSKOV, General Director, OOO Kolmar


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